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This is the best online business card maker that enables you to easily create a digital card for your work that can be shared with anyone. Now, you can manage your business connections seamlessly and even convert your traditional cards into digital ones. There is no more need for print cards and recycling them.

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Make sure you go through the terms & conditions of this app perfectly. Next, you can register yourself on the app to enjoy the features it has to offer.


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After registering, verify the link sent to your email address (the link generally expires in 24 hours). Then, you can successfully LogIn your account with your username and password.


My Business Cards

The user can clearly see my business card tab, after signing In. Users can either add a new business card by scanning the printed copy or create a new one from the options given.


Contact List

Users can see a by-default contacts list, which they can edit. The unwanted contacts can be deleted by swiping left.

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What You Can Do With MyVirtual Business Card?
There is an abundance of features offered by our virtual business card maker app.

Card Reader/Scanner

Scan your visitor card and save them on your tablet or phone.


Get Directions

People can navigate to your shop with Google maps with My Virtual Business Card.


Business Card Designer

Select a card layout to design your card in your own personal style and colors.



The user can keep track of the number of unique visits to your business card.


Card Reader/Scanner

Send your cards easily with Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC.


Export As CSV File

You can transfer your card as a CSV file and import it to MS Outlook, Google Contacts, or MS Excel.

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Make Smart Connections With The Best Online Business Card Maker
1. Networking smarter with digital business cards: It stands you out from the crowd. They not only serve the environment but also save your wallet to make the first impression great.

2. Gives a healthy perspective over your contacts: The address book will automatically update itself with your connection’s recent information, making the contact management process much smoother.

3. Easy to share and receive information: Share the virtual business card either through email, a QR code, a link, WhatsApp, and much more. Anyone who is not on the app can also receive the data easily.

4. Convert paper cards into digital contacts: For the ones who still love traditional paper business cards, you can scan their cards through the human-verified scanner to add them to your digital contacts.

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The contemporary business environment demands only bold new ideas for running a business. Our virtual business card maker app marks the initial step for making networking much more feasible and convenient as per the business requirements.

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My Virtual Business Card makes it easy to trade business cards instantly and securely on your smartphone. It eliminates lost paper cards and provides a quick, contactless way to share information at business meetings and networking events.