How it works


User can signUp themselves on this virtual business card maker app, by fulfilling these requirements:

  • Display Picture
  • First & Last Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Strong Password
  • Confirm the given password

A user must be thorough with the terms & conditions as well as the privacy policy of the software provider, before jumping into creating an account.

After registering with the software developer site, the user must proceed with the email verification through the link sent in the mail.

User LogIn

  • Next, the user can Log In with the newly-made ID and password to create a virtual business card.
  • In case, the user is not verified for Sign In, then he can request the option of resending the verification link.
  • Be active, as the link generally expires within 24 hours.

Signup/Login Virtual Business Cards

Home screen

The main home page of the application will have the following options:

  • My business cards: Here, all your past and new business cards will be collectively stored.
  • Connection List: The new business contacts added will be shown here.
  • Chat: The instant messaging feature will help you interact with other business networks.
  • Profile: The profile will showcase all the business details that you want to share with others.

Virtual Business Cards

Purchase Plans

Users can enjoy My Virtual Business Card services in three different purchase plans provided, that will have the following attributes:

  • Users can use in-app purchases for buying different plans.
  • Users must be able to check & analyze the number of cards left in their account so that they can deduct by giving them away.
  • Every new user to the app gets the service of 5 business cards for free.
  • After accepting the terms & conditions, save the card for a smooth monthly replenishment.

Package-1 4.99 USD = 30 cards Left
Package-2 7.99 USD = 60 cards Left
Package-3 49.99 USD = Unlimited for 6 months cards Left

Virtual Business Cards Package

Change Password

The user can change the password, in case;
-he forgets the passwords.
-to make the account more secured.

This can be done by verifying the same with your valid provided email address.

Virtual Business Cards Change Password

Add New Business Card

A new business card can be added by:

– Scanning the card on the app and applying Optical Character Recognition on it.
– If all details are found by using the OCR scan, then information must be filled up on its own in the form of various fields.
– Rest other fields can be left blank for the user to complete it or edit the form.

Virtual Business Cards Add new business card

Manual Card Scan

– The user can manually add the traditional print card, by simply scanning it on QR code in the app.
– This will help in sharing the paper cards also in a virtual manner, without wasting paper.

Virtual Business Cards Scanner

Connection List

– All the business contacts of the user will be clubbed under the connection list.
– Users can delete the connections by simply swiping them to the left side of the screen.
– Similarly, new connections can be added by scanning a QR code.

Virtual Business Cards Connection list

Card Details

User can see all the card details easily on the app, such as;

– Log in/Log Out
– My Account
– Edit My Cards
– Add New Business Cards
– Share Business Cards
– Contact Number
– Business Email Address
– Business Address
– Card Validity
– Any New Alerts
– Services the business offers

and whatever the business wants to provide information for.

Virtual Business Cards Card Detail

Scanning Screen

– You can even add a business card by scanning it from the other device.
– While adding the business card to the app, save the location too.

Virtual Business Cards Scanner

Chat Room

– All the interactions with other businesses done through instant messaging are depicted here.
– The chat expires after a period of 30 days on its own. So, you need to save any kind of important information beforehand.
– For any new message, a chat notification will be popped up on the app.

Virtual Business Cards Chat


The messages have elaborative advanced features just like any other chat app available in the market.
– The Emojis, GIFs, Stickers, etc can be sent even in a business card app like this.
– The advanced features can help you locate any specific chat, file, etc. in the chat history.
– Users can attach photos, videos, documents, PDF files, Audio, and any other sort of file in the chat to make it more convenient.

Virtual Business Cards Message

Contact Us

In case of any query, users can contact us by providing the following details:
– Full User Name
– Email Address
– Contact Number
– Message

Virtual Business Cards Contact Us